Fully Automatic Timing

We use Lynx Products to provide Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) Services. Lynx is the industry standard and has been named the official timing equipment of USA Track and Field. We provide FAT services for age group, high school and college track & field programs in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

EtherLynx Cameras


 The EtherLynx camera is a line scanning camera that will be placed on the finish line for the timing of all running events. With the standard EtherLynx camera, we can capture a picture at up to 2,000 frames per second and a timing accuracy to the nearest ten-thousandth of a second. 

IdentiLynx Cameras


 The IdentiLynx camera is used in combination with the EtherLynx camera to provide a full frame frontal view of all finishers as they cross the finish line. The picture produced by this camera can also be purchased by finishers as a souvenir. 

Cross Country and Road Races

 For Cross Country and Road Race solutions, we employ the use of Ipico Sports timing equipment. The Ipico system is able to be fully integrated with the Lynx timing system. We provide chip timing services for all levels of cross country and community and charity road races. 

RFID Shoe Chips


 Reusable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips are affixed to each runner’s shoes and identify the runner as they cross the finish line. The photos taken by the Lynx cameras are synchronized with the Ipico system to assign times to each athlete as they finish. This allows for both rapid and accurate results. 

Disposable RFID Bib Chips


 We can also offer single-use RFID chips that can be attached to the back of the bib number. These can be a more desirable solution when collecting shoe tags can be too cumbersome or impractical. These chips function in the same manner as the shoe tags. 

Additional Enhancement Services

Video Timing Displays/Clocks


 We have timing displays to suit your needs. Video displays can be ordered for an additional cost to give your event a more professional look. Additionally, we have the ability to connect to existing scoreboards or displays that may be present at your venue. 

FieldLynx for Netbooks


 FieldLynx is a FinishLynx compatible software application for the scoring and administration of field events in track & field. The FieldLynx software connects with meet management software and allows operators to access athlete listings, score events, and instantly upload results to any computers or scoreboards on the FinishLynx network. 

Wind Gauges


 To preserve the integrity of results, as necessary, we will provide wind gauges. Per NCAA rules, wind readings are required for outdoor sprint events and horizontal jumps. For high school and age group events, wind gauges will be available, upon request, in the event that there are any record setting performances in the applicable events. 

Electronic Start System


The Lynx electronic start system interfaces directly with FinishLynx to provide complete synchronization of the start signal, visible flash, and audible tone. It can produce either a start tone or simulated gun sound. 

Electronic Distance Measurement


 LaserLynx is a laser-based electronic distance measurement device that produces accurate, computer-generated measurements for field events.  LaserLynx integrates seamlessly with FieldLynx Field Event Software.

Commentator Information System


 We can provide a Commentator Information System (CIS) for in-stadium announcers. CIS allows the announcer to follow all events with attempt by attempt updates in field events and live updates for track events. Rankings are compiled and updated allowing the announcer to keep up with multiple events taking place at the same time. 

Race Clock


We have race clocks to suit your timing needs.  These race clocks can be placed at the finish line of your track/cross country meet or road race.  They can also be used as mile marker clocks for longer events. 

Custom Bib Numbers


Make your event stand out with commemorative bib numbers.  These bib numbers feature 100% customization, complete with your organizations artwork and even participants' names.